Kinesis Money – The sound money revolution.

To put it simply, Kinesis Money is the combination of the value of precious metals and the utility of blockchain technology to bring back gold standard currency into a modern digital world.

If I was to sum up Kinesis it would be:

  • secure, storage fee free, insured and audited, vaulted gold and silver,
  • that has been tokenised using blockchain technology to create 1:1 fully allocated digital currencies,
  • that can be saved, spent, sent, received and traded with fiat and crypto effortlessly with the help of the Kinesis debit card, mobile app and Kinesis exchange,
  • that can be cost effectively redeemed for physical on demand, and
  • that earns a perpetual yield for everyone participating in the system courtesy of small fees taken from transactions within the system.

In truth, trying to simplify the Kinesis system does not do it justice. The system goes beyond tokenising physical gold and silver. The system opens up unique opportunities for personal use, investment and trade. Most importantly, all the attribute above allow it be a viable precious metal backed alternative to the current monetary system.

As an avid supporter of Kinesis Money I have often found that the system is hard to understand or simply misunderstood even by those in the gold, silver and crypto currency spaces.

The aim of the website is to provide a simplified explanation of the Kinesis Money system, it’s benefits, uses and possibilities, in the hope that more people can benefit from it.

If you like what you hear continue reading. You can also sign up for a free Kinesis Money account using this referral link. It may make it easier to follow along as your explore this website.

About Me

As a humble precious metal investor I stumbled across Kinesis Money in late 2020. The more I read, the more excited I became about the possibilities of the system and how large the concept could become, not only reaching precious metal investors and crypto enthusiasts, but also institutions and even entire nations. In early 2021, convinced by what I believe is the inevitable adoption of Kinesis Money on a global scale, I invested in the system via the purchase of Kinesis Velocity Tokens. Essentially a non-voting ownership interest Kinesis Money, I will forever receive a set percentage share in the system’s fees. The larger the system grows, the more I receive. A truly unique investment opportunity in the concept of sound money.

Creating a Kinesis Money account is free. You can use this referral link to get started.