For Individuals & Businesses

What Kinesis offers for everyday use

Kinesis Money offers individuals and businesses a better way to bank. Like a traditional bank account users are able to receive, spend, send and save using the system. The attributes and benefits include:

  • holding a currency that unlike fiat will not be devalued and unlike unbacked crypto will not be susceptible to wild swings in value
  • earning a debt-free yield (generated from fees generated rather than interest on debt) likely to be much higher than any interest on traditional accounts
  • use of a debit card to spend your holdings anywhere in the world that Mastercard is accepted (check out a real life example below!)
  • access to mobile apps with functions beyond a traditional banking app
  • access to the Kinesis exchange and desktop website where your entire portfolio is at your fingertips
  • 2 factor authentication to access and send your currencies

In addition to the above, individuals have all the benefits afforded to investors and traders.

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Getting currency into the system

Getting currency into the system is easy. Check out the FAQs to see the cheapest and fastest way to fund your account.

Depositing currency

At present, 13 fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and more can be sent directly to your Kinesis account using the deposit function. This function provides details to be entered in your banking app or website. You can even choose to send funds to either the USA, Australia or Indonesia to minimise transaction and conversion costs. Easy onramps are setup in Australia and Europe (SEPA) and soon in (Faster Payments) and the US.

Receiving currency

You can have others pay directly into your Kinesis account using the receive function. This provides you with a QR code and account wallet address which can be given to anyone that wants to send you currency. There is even a share via email option to directly send your details to the person wanting to send you currency. You can choose to receive KAU, KAG, KVT or any of the cryptocurrencies that Kinesis supports.

Requesting currency

Now this is a cool function, especially for businesses. This option allows you request a certain amount of KAU, KAG or crypto from an individual or business. Simply choose the currency you want to receive, the amount to receive denominated in either that currency or USD, select if receiving from a business or individuals, add a description if desired and the email of the person to receive from and the system will generate and send an email requesting payment. The recipient can even the open a Kinesis account from that email to make payment.

Getting currency out of the system

As easy as getting currency into the system is, getting it back out is even easier.

Withdrawing currency

This feature allows you to withdraw USD, EUR or GBP from your Kinesis account directly into your bank account. You will first need to setup your bank details in Settings and then you are ready to withdraw. You can also withdraw directly to the Kinesis Mint. More on the mint in the investor section of this website.

Sending currency

Use this to send KAU, KAG, KVT or any supported crypto to anyone around the world with a Kinesis account instantly. Simply select the currency you want to send, the amount you want to send denominated in either the currency selected or USD, and add the blockchain address of the person you are sending to. You can add a description if you like, and even save addresses to create a list of contacts as you do with regular banking. New functionality also allows sending via email where all you need is the recipient’s email address. As a bonus, when the send is accepted by an new recipient, the sender qualifies for the Referrer’s Yield.

Spending currency

Kinesis has just rolled out its virtual debit card (Kinesis VDC) and will soon provide physical debit cards tailored to other regions they will be issued in. EEA countries physical debit cards are slated for as early as Q4 2023, with other regions to follow later. The Kinesis cards allow you to spend your KAU, KAG or crypto anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The card can be loaded with up to 5 cryptocurrencies or assets which are then sold automatically as you make purchases with the card. You can even nominate the order in which currencies or assets are used.

Using the Kinesis virtual card to make an eBay purchase. Courtesy of Kinesis member Troglodytes.

Fees for the card (1.95% transaction fee, 0.22% execution fee) may seem high, but when compared to other cards that provide liquidation of assets at point of sale (i.e it is not a prepaid card you load with funds), are very favourable. Of the transaction fee, the card provider takes 1%, and Kinesis’ share being 0.95% is placed directly back into the fee pool to be shared via yields including those spending and incurring the fees. Physical cards are expected to have much more competative fees. More info can be found in the FAQs section of the website.

Earning in the Kinesis system

A traditional bank account will pay you a small (very small) amount of interest on your savings. In Kinesis you are rewarded with a yield on your savings in the form of the Holder’s Yield. In addition you are also rewarded for trading and spending on the Kinesis Exchange or via Debit Card with the Velocity Yield and in future cashback programs. Even better is that the yields and cashback are paid out in KAU and KAG!

Check out The Yield System section of the website to understand how yields reward Kinesis participants.

Built with business and institutions in mind

Kinesis offers tailor made solutions for businesses and institutions to integrate with Kinesis technology.

Through the use of Kinesis APIs and in the newly released Kinesis Pay payment method plugin, businesses have the ability to accept payments in KAU and KAG based on live metals prices. The subsequent holding, trading or spending of the currencies will also result in the business earning yields for life! Kinesis Pay, now live, allows online and physical stores to accept KAU, KAG and crypto as payment, and referrers the opportunity to earn a yield on potentially high volume transactions generated by these referrals. Find out more about Kinesis Pay here.

There are also additional plugins such as Cryptoniq’s WordPress Plug In that businesses can use to accept payments in KAU.

Institutions and governments can also also implement white label precious metal based payment, trading and savings systems. Check out The Possibilities for information on Kinesis’ Indonesia project.

If you would like to join up to or learn more about Kinesis Money feel free to use this link to open a free account. There’s also FREE 1/2 OZ SILVER (1/2 KAG) if you signup, complete KYC, deposit at least $100 and trade $3,000 in assets which might be particularly relevant to active individual users and business users.