For The Trader

Trading metals and crypto

The Kinesis platform contains the Kinesis Exchange that allows you to trade gold and silver (KAU and KAG) along with popular cryptocurrencies and fiat. Current trading options include the below with additional trading pairs being added regularly. This includes Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM) which have now been added.

Specifically for the trader

The Kinesis Exchange has been designed with the precious metals and crypto trader in mind. To that end it includes all the features a trader needs to execute their strategies including:

  • Trading view charting including tools for technical analysis such as drawing, Fibonacci, candles, dozens of indicators, time intervals ranging from minutes to days
  • Order book and depth charts
  • Market and limit trade orders
  • Executed order history
  • Trade value displays including and excluding execution fees
  • Trading available on mobile thanks to the Kinesis app

Kinesis is also in the process of developing it’s Kinesis Pro exchange platform that will offer market leading crypto trading experience with additional cryptos and trading pairs on a high speed and high liquidity platform. Launch of this platform is scheduled for the current quarter.

Below is a complete walk through of the Kinesis Exchange. I can’t wait for the Kinesis Pro exchange to come online as well!

If you are an active gold or silver investor, or precious metals or crypto trader and are considering using Kinesis Money you may become eligible to receive a bonus FREE 1/2 OZ SILVER (1/2 KAG) after meeting deposit and trade requirements..

The advantages of the Kinesis Exchange.

In addition to the normal features expected from a trading platform, the Kinesis Exchange offers many benefits to the precious metal and crypto trader.

  • Low execution fees – a flat 0.22% on all precious metal, crypto and fiat trades withing the exchange regardless of trade size or limit or market trades
  • Tight spreads – as low as under $0.10 on KAU and KAG. Some of the best spreads globally. I have even seen negative spread on Bitcoin
  • Institutional liquidity – provides the ability to easily trade in and out of positions thanks to ABX being a global precious metals exchange
  • 24/7 access – trade anytime you wish
  • Easy conversion to spend – trade your metals or crypto for fiat at a flat 0.22% for withdrawal or even better use the debit card to make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Velocity Yield – earn a share of 10% of all the fees collected within the Kinesis system for life just by trading on the exchange
  • Automate trading – utilise the Kinesis APIs to automate the buying and selling of KAU, KAG and crypto on the Kinesis Exchange.

It’s free to sign up to the Kinesis platform, view the exchange for yourself and see how it all works. You can use my link to get started.